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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  March 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from people and companies that have big contracts with the d.c. government. jeff thompson is one of the biggest, owner of a well established auditing firm and the chartered health group with its $300 million city contracts. >> i offered an amendment that said let's at least disclose who these companies are that give us money in our campaigns. 12-1 they voted no. >> reporter: it's a well kept secret, but geoff thompson actually owns four houses in the district. his company employs 400 people and until this federal investigation was launched it was actually a lot easier to find people to say good things about geoff thompson than bad, but geoff thompson in a rare public appearance delivering the eulogy for dr. dorothy height. thompson helped retire the mortgage on the pennsylvania avenue headquarters to the national council of negro women. the company also helped underwrite the annual ncaap
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honors broadcast. >> she taught me what those simple words see what you can do, to never leave any stone unturned when we had a project or mission to achieve. >> reporter: but it's the campaign dollars prosecutors are interested in. councilman vincent orange has $26,000 in money orders from thompson that even the councilman is now questioning. >> some of them do look questionable. some of them do look suspicious. >> reporter: bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> d.c. council member muriel bowser tells 9 news now her office is cooperating with that federal probe and the subpoena. her campaign has received contributions from geoff thompson. she's checked and found no questionable contributions or money orders. jurors in blacksburg ruled in favor of two families who lost their children in the massacre back in 2007 at virginia tech. matt jablow is working this story. we imagine it was a pretty emotional day when they found out the decision there. >> it sure was emotional and stressful for two families who
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have waited several years for this day. there were hugs and tears from the victims' families when the verdict was read. the case was brought by the families of two virginia tech students killed in the 2007 shootings, erin peterson, a freshman from northern virginia, and julie pryde, a 23- year-old graduate student from new jersey. most of the families of the other victims agreed to an $11 million settlement reached in 2008. lawyers in this case argued peterson and pryde were killed in norris hall and might be alive today if virginia tech police warned the campus of the initial shootings in the virginia tech dormitory. an hour ago i spoke with julie pryde's father who was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. >> it was very draining, very painful, a lot of emotions. mine there's nothing surprising in that how tough it was for the petersons, how tough it was for my wife and i. we just wanted to persevere. we just decided that we were not getting the full story and we were not going to just go
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away quietly. >> meanwhile immediately after the verdict virginia tech released the following statement. "we do not believe evidence presented at trial relative to the murders in west ambler johnson created an increased danger to the campus that day. we will discuss this matter with the attorney general, carefully review the case and explore all of the options available. the heinous crimes committed by seung-hui cho was an unprecedented act of violence no one could have foreseen." the state of have 7 has already filed a -- the state of have 7 has already filed an a -- state of virginia has already filed an appeal to reduce the jury verdict. state law has a cap of $100,000 per case unless the governor waives it which so far he has not. the effectiveness of protective court orders are being questioned following the murder of a kensington woman at the hands of her estranged
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husband. saying she feared for her life heather mcguire went to the courts twice over the weekend seeking help. less than two days later mcguire was abducted by joseph philip gilberti who killed her before taking his own life. bruce leshan has our followup report. >> reporter: heather mcguire's murder caught on tape, although you can barely make it out. she and her husband were headed to another court hearing tuesday morning when he shot her and dumped her body out on the street at the corner of connecticut and knowles in kensington. police later found the former professional boxer dead in a rockville home from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. mcguire had a protective order against him. she said he had told her, "i don't need a gun. i can just snap your neck." authorities arrested gilberti twice over the weekend for violating the protective order, but each time he got out. the last time the judge
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released him on a $57,000 unsecured bond. >> the judge who made the ruling in this case, he's a good judge. unfortunately it's come to my attention that apparently the computers in the courtroom were down. some of the criminal history of this guy was not available to the judge. >> reporter: gilberti's criminal history stretches back decades, assault, drugs, steroids, seven years in a nevada prison for allegedly trying to kill another girl friend. >> for a very long time i've been very aware of mr. gilberti. >> reporter: the prosecutor did ask the judge here to set a higher bail, but apparently only heather mcguire and her family foresaw this level of violence. no one asked the judge to hold him without bond in. rockville bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> authorities say despite mcguire's death women who seek help in domestic violence situations are safer than women who try to tough it out alone.
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yvette cade knows the danger of domestic violence better than most. as you may recall, she was also attacked by her estranged husband, but she lived to tell about it. in 2005 roger hargrave poured gasoline on her, then set her on fire. she was burped over 60% of her body -- burned over 60% of her body. today she lives with both the physical and emotional scars but still speaks out about domestic violence and the changes that are needed in society and in the courts. >> i wish he would have given him more time behind bars and could he have reached out to his family and his family could have said we're behind you, but we need you to listen to what's being said. >> cade's attacker roger hargrave was given a life sentence but could get out on parole in nine years. place your bets, maryland lawmakers are considering a las
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vegas style casino that might end up in prince george's county. county executive rushern baker is one of the big supporters of the move to locate the casino at the national what are boar. he's expected to appear at a hearing friday -- harbor. he's expected to appear at a hearing friday. some lawmakers are concerned it would threaten the business at a nearby raceway. and the first 100 slot machines showed up in hanover maryland today. plans call for maryland live casino to eventually have more than 4,700 slots and electronic gaming machines. the casino is scheduled to open for business in june. a judge in culpeper county ordered the release of main who spent 12 years in prison -- a man who spent 12 years in prison convicted of killing an elderly woman, michael wayne hash. a federal judge tossed out his conviction citing misconduct on
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the part of the police and prosecution. hash will be out on bond while a special prosecutor decides whether to retry him or set him free. hash was convicted of killing 74-year-old thelma scroggins in 1996 when he was 15 years old. the stage is being set tonight for a lavish -- i'm sorry. >> that's okay in. pennsylvania a bobblehead of a john wilkes booth has been pulled from the gift shop at gettysburg national military park. the 7-inch head springing doll came complete with a handgun that killed abe lincoln. the $20 bobblehead was killed from the shelves because of an inquiry from a newspaper reporter. despite what some may say is pretty questionable taste, the company that makes the bobblehead says it was actually selling pretty well. coming up tonight at 7:00 on 9 news now fighting for the flag, a service station owner ignores city warnings to remove an american flag after zoning officials say it violates a sign ordinance. we'll talk about the thoughdown
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there. >> see you then. >> coming up in this half hour education, not deportation, we'll tell you about a big rally for an outstanding student who is in danger of being kicked out of the country. top? >> we made it into the 80s once again, the second consecutive day. this is what officially goes in the books, 81 and 54. our averages are 56 and 37, record high today 86. some of the record highs tomorrow may fall. we'll talk about that and when storms will roll back in. >> plus rick santorum's campaign gets another boost with his primary victory in the deep south, those stories and more just ahead on 9 news now.
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now let's go to the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for president. fresh from winning two more state primaries, there he is, republican rick santorum talking big and bold. he says if i keeps pulling off
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victories like -- if he keeps pulling off victories like those yesterday in alabama and mississippi, voters will no longer see mitt romney as the inevitable gop nominees saying he's the clear choice to go up against president obama. romney finished behind both santorum and newt gingrich in alabama and mississippi, but his campaign staff is quick to point out romney has won a million more votes than either competitor. as for the next contest, the missouri caucus is saturday. the puerto rico primary is sunday and the illinois primary is next tuesday. still ahead on 9 news now giving the tsa the boot. we'll tell you about efforts at a major airport to get rid of federal screeners.
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people are taking to the streets of rockville this
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evening to support a montgomery county college student who has been threatened with deportation. he's now 19 and jorge acuna has been in the country since he was 8 and his plight has attracted a lot of attention. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in rockville where a young college student facing deportation received a hero's welcome this afternoon after being released from detention. 19-year-old jorge steven acuna and his family just released from a maximum security holding facility on maryland's eastern shore pending deportation proceedings late yesterday. >> fighting for justice! >> reporter: and they've come home to a hero's welcome. friends from montgomery college where acuna is carrying a 3.5 gpa hastily started an online campaign last week to get him and his family freed. >> you're brought here to this country by your parents and all you're willing to do here is get an education, have a dream,
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set some goals up. >> reporter: but not everyone here is a supporter. >> if you come here illegally and you don't do the right things, i don't care if you get great grades. it's good for you, but it's the law. we deport people. >> these are the kind of people we want in our country, not to deport them because they can impact society in a positive way. >> reporter: scott broom, 9 news now. >> the montgomery county council is asking federal officials to fick the nation's broken immigration -- fix the nation's broken immigration system. a moveunder where a to remove the tsa from one of the -- is underway to remove the tsa from one of the nation's most busiest airports. the president of the airport tells the miami herald he will try again to use private operators to do the job. a similar move in 2010 was denied but a law passed last month by the senate requires the tsa to reconsider
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applications from airports looking to get rid of that federal agency. a new study asks would you rather be overweight or in debt? the overwhelming answer overweight. the survey from yahoo health and readers digest finds 78% of people asked would choose 10 pounds of extra weight to $10,000 of debt. that's a lot of debt. 46% would choose 50 pounds of extra weight over adding extra debt. authors interviewed more than 2,000 americans between the ages of 18 and 64 to come to this conclusion. you can see the report in the april edition of readers tie jest and online at yahoo health. >> you know what i've determined? >> what? >> if you had to choose between warm weather and just seasonal weather, i think people are choosing the warmer weather. i've never seen more smiling faces up and down the street. >> she's brilliant. >> it's wonderful, brings everybody out of the house and puts everybody in a good mood. >> saw all these neighbors this morning, where you been? in the house. >> happy pie day, by the way.
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>> did you bring pie? >> no, but funny you said that. when my daughters were in school they would bring pies for pie day. >> funny, that's another great holiday, apple pie day. >> let's talk about record highs tomorrow because some are in jeopardy. we haven't been close today or yesterday, but tomorrow the old record high is 81 at national, 82 at dulles. that will probably give us three consecutive days of 80 degrees or higher. we may see some records fall tomorrow. right now we'll look outside, our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, still 78, dew points in the mid-40s, calm winds, pressure falling a bit, 30.13 inches of mercury. temperatures are in l upper 70s to around 80, 70 -- are in the upper 70s to around 80, 79 in great falls, down to the south 80 in springfield, 79 arlington and college park and upper 70s
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in beltsville. so here's the deal. stays warm, colored contrails could be visible tonight between midnight and 1 a.m. look to the east and pretty high up. like june tomorrow and record highs are indeed possible, the record high tomorrow 81. i think at the very least we will tie that. for tonight clear skies, still mild, zero to no blankets really, 48 to 56, not that cold. we will if into the upper 40s in the burbs for the first time in a couple nights. in the morning mostly sunny, mild, grab your sunglasses, 50s and 60s and by afternoon partly cloudy, warmer. there is a chance for -- not a great chance, though, for a storm, high 80 to 85, winds out of the southwest at 10. it's going to be a nice warm day without strong winds out of the south or southwest like last week. 52 to 60 to start and looking at noon 76 to 81. are you kidding me? by evening 78 to 84, a slight chance of an isolated shower. next three days better chance
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for showers and thunderstorms friday. because of that we'll go back in the mid-70s, maybe a sprinkle saturday, both in the morning and afternoon, can't rule it out, not a bad day. we got the marathon, 74 the high, temps in the 60s during the marathon. next seven days we stay in the mid-70s, 73 sunday, looking at temperatures in the mid-70s monday and tuesday and even wednesday. spring arrive odds tuesday morning and maybe a shower monday or wednesday, but no big storm heading our way really. >> look at this weekend. we have so much ifing on. the -- much going on. the hoyas are having a sendoff with great weather. >> a lot of people heading to ohio with their dancing shoes on defying critics all season long. can they do it once again? >> plus the redskins turned their attention to defense. find out who they're after next in sports.
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i'm anita brikman with this health a heard, bread a top source of sodium? a new report from the cdc finds bread products account for twice as much sodium in the american diet as snack foods like chips or pretzels. part of the reason is we eat larger quantities of bread every day. other sources, soup, pizza and processed meats. >> this health alert is sponsored by cancer treatment centers of america, care that never quits. to learn more visit
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> the georgetown hoyas aren't strangers to the ncaa
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tournament. they're also not strangers to upsets. after getting knocked out in the first round the last two years the hoyas have a chance to change that this friday. as a three seed in the midwest region the hoyas will face 14th seed belmont. the two teams met in 2007 during the first round of the tournament. that year the hoyas made the final four but they haven't made it past the second round since then. so for the hoyas seniors this is their last title shot. >> the senior is starting to wind down. the last time i'll be playing college basketball, but i try not to think about it. i try to focus on the game. >> jason, we've been a part of the last three years and we don't want an early exit again. >> the georgetown hoyas play at 3:00 this friday on columbus. you can go to to find out where to tune in. dave owens will be live from columbus starting tomorrow. iness the nfl window opens
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the -- once the nfl window opened the redskins wasted no time snagging a couple receivers. they went out and got two young wide receivers that can grow and develop alongside robert griffin, iii, their anticipated draft pick. first they locked up pierre garcon from indianapolis and snagged 25-year-old d.c. native josh morgan from san francisco. they're still reportly trying to sign eddie royal after other teams entered the picture yesterday. on defense chicago safety brandon meriweather visited with team officials today and the redskins will host giants cornerback aaron ross friday. here's a sight we haven't seen in a while, nicklas backstrom who has been sidelined with a concussion since january 7th was back on the ice today at kettler. he was skating around for about 20 minutes, said he felt pretty good afterwards. bryce harper entering spring training with hopes of making the nationals opening day roster. his campaign took a detour
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because of a strained calf. after missing six games he's back in the lineup tonight against the braves. we'll have full highlights at 11:00. he's not even a redskin yet, but robert griffin, iii mania has begun in this mania. his production facility in maryland released an rg3 t- shirt in anticipation of him coming to the redskins. you're seeing the production there and then here's the shirt. it's a black shirt with a big shot of his face on it, make sure to get that on the camera. it says the most interesting man in the league. so those are starting to sell. we'll see if they get snapped up like hot cakes, but the most interesting man in the league, one of the most highly sought after men in the league, the most interesting man in the league. >> rookie season 2012 collector's edition. the mania has already begun. >> we'll see if he gets to keep that 10 or not. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. >> derek is back with your only
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local newscast at 7:00. have a great night.


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